These days most travelers swap their maps for smartphones or guidance systems. But we like the nostalgia of the good ol’ paper version — especially when it can be repurposed into fun items that remind you of your journeys.

Map Print Piggy Bank

A map print piggy bank will surely remind you to save for your travels. Simply cut pieces from a map and decoupage your piggy. It’ll also add a touch of fun to your home décor.

Map Covered Letters

Decorative letters are still quite a trend in home décor. So we took two of our favorite letters, “Y” and “M” and covered them with a map — once again, using our handy-dandy decoupage. Voilà!

Heart Embroidery

Love where you live — and show it off by embroidering a heart around your favorite city. Of course, our favorite city is Yakima, so we embroidered it with a red heart and then framed it for wall art.