So, you’ve got the rig packed and you’ve gone down the checklist a couple times just to be sure you’ve packed everything the family needs for a camping trip. But before you pull out of the driveway, here are some things to take with you that you may have overlooked:

Extra Clothing/Shoes & Socks. Nature can be very unpredictable and, let’s face it, so are kids. Make sure you have plenty of extra clothing just in case. Be prepared for all types of weather, incw’s cooler in the mountains, you’re not going to get sunburned. It’s actually easier to get too much sun at higher elevations, where there is less of the Earth’s atmosphere to interrupt harmful rays. Wear your sunscreen!

Flashlights/Lanterns. It’s always a good idea to take a few flashlights with you just to be safe. A big hit with kids are glow sticks. You might not want them playing with your flashlights wearing down the batteries, and glow sticks make kids feel like they also get their own light (not to mention the dual purpose of keeping track of them in the dark).

First Aid Kit. This is a MUST have! From the simple scraped knee to the splinter in the finger to the burn from getting too close to the fire. Don’t be caught unprepared. You can pick up the perfect outdoors first aid kit at any outdoor store.