Kids love cupcakes! Especially topped with cute sugary characters. So in the spirit of the holidays, we made these Frosty the Snowman cupcakes. They’re sure to be a hit at a party...but almost too cute to eat.


Snowman Cupcakes


- 1 box white cake mix +

required ingredients on box

- White cupcake liners

- White frosting

- Black frosting (small tube)

- Orange frosting (small tube)

- Sweetened coconut

- Large marshmallows

- Extra large marshmallows

- Oreos

- Hershey Kisses

- Pretzel sticks


Bake cupcakes according to directions on box. Let cool. To make snowmen, decorate the marshmallows prior to stacking.

For the body, use the extra large marshmallows. Stick a pretzel in either side for arms, and dab three dots of black frosting for the buttons. Repeat for desired number of cupcakes, and then set aside to let frosting dry.

For the head, use the large marshmallows. Dab with black frosting to make two eyes and a charcoal mouth. Break off a small portion of a pretzel stick and insert for the nose. Dab with orange frosting so that it looks like a carrot. For the hat, break Oreos apart and use the cookie side without frosting. Adhere a Hershey Kiss to the top with the black frosting, and then adhere the hat to the head with the white frosting. Set aside to let frosting dry.

Frost the cupcakes with the white frosting, and then securely adhere the body of the snowman. Dab the top of the body with white frosting and then adhere the head to the body. Sprinkle the remaining base of the cupcake with coconut to create a snowy effect. Serve on a coconut covered platter and enjoy!