Popular author and blogger Jon Acuff recently posted this thought on his Facebook page: “Fearing change doesn’t prevent it from happening, it just prevents you from enjoying it.”

Change is always occurring in pivotal and trivial ways in our lives. We’re built to change, even if we don’t feel built for it, especially during those times when we have little to no control.

The one item we can control, though, is how we react to inevitable change. As Holocaust survivor and neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl stated, “Forces beyond your control can take everything away you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.”

As a dad, I’ve seen change come in a variety of ways, expected and unexpected, painful and delightful. When I started in June 2010 as Playdate’s writer and coordinator, my kids were 3 and 1. Now, my daughter, Elise, is 6 and my son, Liam, is 4. While working for Playdate, I have learned many things about myself, my children and other families.

I have served as a steward of this magazine more than anything else. I came on board with an existing product, and with the gracious help of others have taken care of it for more than three years. But as the nature of stewardship suggests, there is a limited amount of time before the next change must transpire.

This December/January issue will be my last as Playdate’s writer and coordinator. It has been an incredible journey of growth, sharing resources and ideas, and storytelling — of my own stories and those of others. Those have been delightful changes. The painful change comes in having to say goodbye.

I also look ahead to strengthening my role as father to my children. In some ways, being a parent is like being a steward to our children. We only have a short while to figure out this thing called parenting, and while we will remain parents throughout their lives, the window of time we have to teach, nurture, lead, and make memories with them is narrower than we would like. While this perspective is alarming, it also magnifies how blessed we really are.

Readers, have no fear — exciting things are on the horizon for Playdate. And it will continue to grow under the watchful eye of a new champion (I might even make a guest appearance from time to time!). Make sure to follow Playdate’s Facebook page for updates.

Thank you for sharing the past several years with me through these pages.