School is in full swing, so whatever routine your family has established is probably already becoming the norm. Even if your kids are not yet ready for school, another transition is already here with the arrival of autumn.

This season continues to be my favorite of the year, complete with vivid colors, rich and savory flavors, and the delightfully potent scents of cooler air and harvest bounty.

Because of this hearty season, food is at the forefront of our minds with this fall issue. In addition to our Family Fare offering (Butternut Squash soup with cheese ravioli!), you will find a timely twist on Rice Krispies. Contributor Juanita Farris has a full day’s worth of feasting lined up for you with her feature on making spooky meals. Our “Second Opinion” feature from Dr. Pommer gives you tips on handling those picky little eaters in your household.

There are so many exciting things to experience this time of year, too. We’ve devoted several pages to harvest, Halloween, and other fall-related events. (Yikes! We are even listing early Christmas events too!)

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I’m wishing your fall to be full of fun, family and flavor!