My brother was a Boy Scout, and my mom a den mother. Which means I got to go to lots of Boy Scout meetings in my youth. Pretty fun stuff, and I know my husband is excited for our baby boy to be a bigger boy and join up some day.

Among the grand traditions of scouting is the Pinewood Derby race. I think my parents loved those little race cars more than my brother did, but they stuck by the rules and let him design and carve the thing. I remember one race day where my mother went to great lengths to make sure that little car weighed EXACTLY what was allowed. In order to hit the limit, she taped a quarter to the front. And wouldn’t you know, my brother Scott won the trophy that year. I think we still have it somewhere, with the car. Though the quarter was pillaged.

A good friend of mine has a kid in scouts and today he posted the above photo of some snacks his wife made for the troop: Little Pinewood Derby teddy graham racers. Isn’t that just the best thing you’ve ever seen? I love it. And so adaptable -- you could use these suckers for any race-related event: A soapbox derby, NASCAR day at the in-laws (in my house), even opening day at the Yakima Speedway.

They are just as easy to construct as they are cute. All they are is fun-sized Mikly Way bars, M&Ms and teddy grahams. Use five M&Ms per “car” for wheels and a steering wheel (in matching colors, of course), and cute the legs off a teddy graham and smoosh him into the top for a driver. Ta. Da. Delicious, quick, and adorable beyond all reason.

Thanks, Shane, for your brillance.