Welcome to YakimaHerald.com, the place for breaking news, in-depth reporting and multimedia coverage in the Yakima Valley.

You will notice a few differences between the YakimaHerald.com you have known for the past several years and what you see today. These changes are designed to better connect you with the news and information you want from the Yakima Herald-Republic.

Here’s a spotlight on some of the changes to the homepage:

Create an account: Click the blue Login or Register button at the top of the site to create an account. Once you have an account, you can send us your photos, submit news tips and news releases, sports scores, letters to the editor or just let us know what you are thinking. Members will also be the first to learn about site improvements, new features and special opportunties from the Herald-Republic.

Improved Navigation: With a more logical structure, you have quick access to all sections of YakimaHerald.com. In addition, we have created spots to highlight stories of interest. In the Home menu, you can find links to contact Herald-Republic staff and links to contact the Circulation Department.

Latest Updates: Here you can find the most recent news from the staff of the Herald-Republic and other breaking news stories from around the region and the country.

Today’s Local News: Want to see the top stories from today’s newspaper? Check here and click the label to access a page with all the stories from every section of the Herald-Republic.

Obituaries, Sports and Opinion: We have brought the most recent stories from three sections out front so you don’t have to hunt for them.

Events: Find out quickly what is happening around the area and submit your event to our calendar.

Photos and Videos: Are you a visual person? This might be the place for you. We have highlighted the most recent photo galleries for you to view. Our video player is the place to find the latest multimedia from the Herald-Republic staff.

Top Jobs, Top Cars, Top Homes: Looking for your next job, a new set of wheels or a new place to live? You can find these right on the homepage of yakimaherald.com.

Specialty Publications: The Yakima Herald-Republic publishes several specialty products, and now you can access the latest from Yakima Magazine, Playdate Magazine and El Sol de Yakima from YakimaHerald.com.

There are many other new features of YakimaHerald.com, and we look forward to hearing what you think about our new site.

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