Friday is Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time for the Yakima Valley’s annual Red Wine and Chocolate event. Truly a weekend for lovers — chocolate lovers and wine lovers, anyway.

The event runs at area wineries Saturday and Sunday. You can purchase a premier pass to receive exclusive tastings and tours for $35 at select locations this weekend. The pass also will usually get you the typical $5 tasting fee waved. For last-minute tickets, head to Terra Blanca, Treveri Cellars, Kana winery, Tapteil winery or Kestrel Vintners.

This year, Wine Yakima Valley is telling attendees to bring their own wine glass: You won’t receive a commemorative glass until you visit six wineries, and that’s if you bought a premier pass.

For information about the specials various wineries will be holding (including which ones will be waiving fees), head over to

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