Races for the Yakima City Council heated up Friday, the final day for candidates to file for 2013 elections.

Meanwhile, Union Gap saw the wife of former mayor Jim Lemon, Dawn Marie Lemon, file to run against incumbent Chad Lenz.

In Yakima, current Councilmen Dave Ettl and Bill Lover each drew two challengers, while the third incumbent up for re-election, Mayor Micah Cawley, is unopposed.

All three seats are at-large positions, meaning they are elected citywide.

Ettl will face off against Isidro “Sid” Reynaga and Charles Noel in an Aug. 6 primary, with the top two finishers advancing to the November general election.

Likewise, Lover will go up against Carole Folsom-Hill and Enrique Jevons in the primary.

The 72-year-old Lover said he had hesitated before filing.

“If a whole bunch of people file after me, maybe I’ll drop out,” he said.

He could not be reached for comment after his challengers joined the race.

But, he said earlier, if he does run, he will be committed to serving the city’s residents.

Folsom-Hill, 66, said she joined the race to boost civic engagement. She heads La Casa Hogar, a nonprofit that serves immigrant women.

Jevons, who started Jevons Property Management, owns several rental homes and apartments in Yakima.

“As a small business owner, and owner of many rental homes and apartments in Yakima, I am keenly aware of the challenges that tenants, property owners, business owners, developers, contractors and builders are faced with on a daily basis,” the 49-year-old said in a news release announcing his candidacy.

Ettl, a local talk radio personality, is running for a second term. In 2009, he beat incumbent Sonia Rodriguez True, who had been appointed to a vacant council seat the previous year.

The 60-year-old said he is dedicated to revitalizing downtown Yakima, cleaning up North First Street and reducing crime.

His challengers say they have similar priorities, but can deliver better results. Reynaga says he can provide better leadership and guidance.

“I can — and am willing to — provide guidance, and get my hands dirty” by pitching in to improve Yakima’s economy and clean up neighborhoods struggling with crime and vandalism, he said.

The 40-year-old is a car salesman at Auto Max in Yakima and a former business owner.

Noel says the city’s spending has to be curtailed to give taxpayers a break.

“There’s a lot of people at the limits of their ability to pay more taxes,” he said.

Noel, 42, also said he wants to build a better relationship between police and residents in Yakima.

In Union Gap, former mayor Jim Lemon faces a jury trial this month over a charge of reckless driving for an incident in November in which he allegedly used his van to spray a city public works employee with gravel.

Lemon resigned from the council in April, where he was serving as a temporary eighth member to finish the last 32 months of his mayoral term, which was cut short in November when Union Gap voters ended the strong-mayor form of government.

Dawn Marie Lemon could not be reached for comment.

List of candidate filings Monday through Friday.

Yakima County

Yakima Municipal Court:

Position 1 Kelley Olwell (i); Position 2 Susan Woodard (i)

Grandview City Council: Position 1 Joan E. Souders (i), Martha L. Ramos; Position 2 Javier Rodriguez (i), Laura Mendoza; Position 3 Gloria Mendoza

Granger City Council:

Position 1 Jose A. Trevino, Marisol Castro; Position 2 Lilia Villarreal (i); Position 3 Julie Sharp (i), Julia Cortina

Harrah Town Council:

Position 1 Peter Touhey (i); Position 2 Patricia Krueger (i); Position 3 Sharon Brown (i)

Mabton City Council:

Mayor Mario Martinez; Position 1 Oping Hutson (i); Position 2 Sophie G. Sotelo (i); Position 3 Freddie Perales, Mark Gormeau

Moxee City Council:

Position 1, David Roy; Position 2 Leroy J. Lenseigne (i)

Naches Town Council:

Position 1 Wayne Hawver (i); Position 2 no filings; Position 3 Kit Hawver (i); Position 4 no filings

Selah City Council: Position 1 Brooke Finch; Position 2 Paul Overby (i); Position 7 Carl Torkelson (i)

Sunnyside City Council:

District 1 Robert V. Perales, Theresa Hancock (i), Emanuel Santana Walle; District 2 Dean Broersma (i), Sam Ramirez; District 3 Don Vlieger (i), Victor Ochoa, Spencer E. Martin; Position 4, Francisco J. Guerrero

Tieton City Council:

Position 1 no filing; Position 2 no filing; Position 3 Sharon Sedgwick (i)

Toppenish City Council:

Position 1 Derald D. Ortloff (i); Position 2 Blaine Thorington (i); Position 3 Clara Jimenez (i); Position 4 Mark Oaks (i)

Union Gap City Council:

Position 1 Chad Lenz (i) Dawn Marie Lemon; Position 2 Mark Carney, Don Beddoe; Position 3 Dan Olson (i); Position 7 Roger Wentz (i), Tracy Lansden

Wapato City Council:

Position 1 Richard Foss (i); Position 2 no filing; Position 3 Eric Larez (i); Position 6 Roberta Reyna (i); Position 7 no filing

Yakima City Council:

Position 5 Dave Ettl (i), Isidro Reynaga, Charles Noel

Position 6 Micah Cawley (i); Position 7 Carole Folsom-Hill, Bill Lover (i)

Zillah City Council:

Mayor Gary V. Clark (i), Loretta Stewart

Position 1 Brian Williams (i); Position 2 Jeff Miles (i)

School districts

Bickleton School District:

Position 5 Gary Hess (i)

East Valley School District:

District 2 Bob Price (i); District 5 Wes Stickney (i)

Grandview School District:

District 1 Antonio Sanchez; District 2 Zulma Ochoa; District 5 Paul Jepson (i)

Granger School District:

District 1 Marcy L. Hull (i); District 5, Kyle Shinn (i)

Highland School District:

District 1 Nikki Keller (i); District 2 David Barnes, Dee Dee Trepanier

Mabton School District:

District 1 James Adams (i); District 2 Elizabeth Cerrillo (i); District 3 Elsa Sanchez (i); at large no filing

Mt. Adams School District:

District 3 Gregory J. Bailey

Selah School District:

District 1 Norma Smith (i); District 2 Kelliann Ergeson (i)

Sunnyside School District:

District 2 Michelle Emery Perry (i); District 3 Mary Rita Rohde, Steve Winfree; District 5 Dylan Gardner

Toppenish School District:

District 3 Richard Lommers (i), Aurora Vela Sandoval, Vivian DelaRosa

Union Gap School District:

Position 1 Margarita Soto; District 2 Ron Jennings (i)

Wapato School Board:

District 1 Javier Vela (i); District 2 Myron Yolo; District 3 Maria Antonia Garcia Erickson (i), Philip Miranda Jr.

West Valley School District:

District 2 Michael Thorner; District 3 Mike Carey (i); District 4 Maria J. Bosworth, Christine Brewer

Yakima School District:

Position 1 Graciela Villanueva (i), Jeni Rice; Position 2 Walt Ranta (i);Position 4 Raymond Navarro Jr. (i)

Zillah School District:

District 1 Darrin Belton (i); District 2 Chris Van Antwerp (i); District 5 Dennis L. Jones (i)

Yakima County Fire Protection

District 1:

Position 2 Phil Nelson (i)

District 2:

Position 2 Ken Pendleton (i), Rex Reed, Ron Johnson

District 4:

Position 2 Les Riel (i), Harry Hankins, George V. Spencer

District 5:

Position 2 David Charvet (i), Daryl Bullard

District 6:

Position 2 Jeff Simmons

District 7:

Position 2 Tom Mains (i)

District 9:

Position 2 Michael Norton (i)

District 10:

No filings

District 11

Position 2 Rocky Willette (i); Position 3 no filing

District 12

Position 2 Ken Eakin (i)

District 14

Position 2 Jon Harlan (i)

Yakima County Ports and Sewer Districts

Port of Grandview:

District 1 Richard Shenyer (i)

District 3 Ronald Grow (i)

Port of Sunnyside:

District 1 Arnold Lee Martin (i)

Terrace Heights Sewer District:

Position 2 Marty Borello (i).

Cowiche Sewer District:

Position 2, Joe Trepanier; Position 3 Jenny Korens (i)

Naches Parks and Recreation District:

District 2 Curtis Henning (i); District 3 and 5 No filing

Benton County

Prosser Public Hospital District commission:

Position 4 Andy Gilbertson (i); Position 5 Glenn M. Bestebreur (i); Position 6 Stephen Kenny, (i)

Prosser City Council:

Position 1 Ernie Troemel (i), Trevor Day, Don Aubrey; Position 2 Morgan Everett (i), Rene Rojas; Position 3 Linda Gorst, Deb Brumley

Prosser School Board:

Position 3 William Bill Jenkin; Position 4 Christine Bryan

Benton County Fire District 3 commission:

Position 2 Max Benitz Jr.

Kittitas County

Ellensburg City Council:

Position 1 Brady Erickson, Nancy Lillquist; Position 2 Richard Elliott (i); Position 3 Christopher Eastwood, David Owens, David Douglas, Mary L. Morgan (i)

Ellensburg School District:

Position 1 Curtis Bull; Position 3 Cara Marrs, Gene Camarata

Klickitat County:

Goldendale City Council:

Position 2 Deanna Luth, Ken McKune; Position 4 Gary R. Hoctor (i); Position 6 Len Crawford (i), Mike Canon; Position 7 Lucille Bevis (i), Darlene Williamson

County Clerk:

Renea Campbell

Goldendale School Board:

Position 4 John F. Hoctor (i)

Public Hospital District No. 1 (Klickitat Valley Health) commission:

Position 1 Jim Daniel; Position 3 Dennis L Carver (i); Position 5 M. Connie Pond (i)

Centerville School Board:

Position 3

Larry Hurst (i); Position 5 Juan Randall, (i)

Goldendale School Board:

Position 5

Virginia Amidon