PROSSER, Wash. — Merlot Drive, a busy road connecting Interstate 82 with a truck stop, restaurants and a rest area, has been reopened after crews cleaned up 48 bales of hay from a toppled semi.

The truck overturned about 8 a.m. as it was turning from Gap Road to Merlot Drive, jumping the curb onto the sidewalk. The intersection is right off Exit 80, the west entry to Prosser along the interstate.

Nobody was injured.

Another hay farmer with a loader was called in to remove the spilled hay. The semi was towed away and the road reopened around 11 a.m.

Firefighters cleaned about 100 gallons of diesel, oil and antifreeze that spilled from the truck.

Prosser police blamed the crash on the driver taking the corner too fast.

They have cited Miguel Hernandez, 51, of Hermiston, Ore., for negligent driving, said Officer Brian Ohler at the scene. He was driving for Pacific Ag Solutions, also of Hermiston.

A similar crash happened roughly a year ago, said Ohler, though in that case the trailer was improperly connected.