“H ANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS” — This version of the fairy tale recasts brother and sister (Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton) as bounty hunters. Surely it’s only a matter of time before the release of “Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer.” (R for strong fantasy horror violence and gore, brief sexuality/nudity and language.)

“MOVIE 43” — Three kids search the Internet to discover the most banned movie in the world. (It should have been “Rock of Ages.”) Starring Dennis Quaid, Greg Kinnear, Common, Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet. (R for strong pervasive crude and sexual content including dialogue, graphic nudity, language, some violence and drug use.)

“PARKER” — You see the name “Jason Statham” and think: “Dumb, violent action.” But this heist movie comes with an impressive pedigree (it’s based on a Donald Westlake novel and directed by Taylor Hackford of “Ray” fame). Statham plays a criminal with a code of ethics who gets screwed over by his accomplices and decides to set things right. Blood ensues. Jennifer Lopez also stars. (R for strong violence, language and brief sexual content/nudity.)

“RUST AND BONE” — Put in charge of his young son, Ali leaves Belgium for Antibes to live with his sister and her husband as a family. Ali’s bond with Stephanie, a killer whale trainer, grows deeper after Stephanie suffers a horrible accident. Starring Marion Cotillard, Matthias Schoenaerts and Armand Verdue; directed by Jacques Audiard. (R for strong sexual content, brief graphic nudity, some violence and language.)


• “Silver Linings Playbook”

• “Django Unchained”

• “This Is 40”


“B ROKEN CITY” (digital) — A former cop tailing the wife of the New York mayor finds himself caught in a whopper of a scandal. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jeffrey Wright. Directed by Allen Hughes. (R for pervasive language, some sexual content and violence.)

“GANGSTER SQUAD” — Sean Penn, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Nick Nolte and Josh Brolin star in this drama about the efforts — legal and otherwise — that the LAPD went through to keep the mob out of 1940s and ’50s Los Angeles. Also starring Anthony Mackie and Robert Patrick. Directed by Ruben Fleischer. (R for strong violence and strong language.)

“THE GUILT TRIP” — After stopping in to visit his overbearing single mother, a traveling salesman is guilted into bringing her along on a weeklong sales trip. Starring Seth Rogen, Barbra Streisand, Kathy Najimy and Colin Hanks. Directed by Anne Fletcher. (PG-13 for language and some risque material.)

“A HAUNTED HOUSE” — A couple moves into a house that turns out to be haunted by a demon in this broad comedy. Starring Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins, Marlene Forte. Directed by Michael Tiddes. (R for crude and sexual content, language and some drug use.)

“THE HOBBIT” (digital) — Director Peter Jackson returns to Middle-earth with this first installment in a trilogy of films based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel. Martin Freeman plays the young Bilbo Baggins, who accompanies the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) and a gang of dwarves on a series of adventures. Also starring Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom, Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett, Martin Freeman and Elijah Wood. (PG-13 for extended sequences of intense fantasy action violence, and frightening images.) OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Production design; makeup and hairstyling; visual effects.

“THE IMPOSSIBLE” (digital) — A family vacationing in Thailand fights to survive the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and reunite in its wake. Based on a true story. Starring Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and Tom Holland. Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona. (PG-13 for intense realistic disaster sequences, including disturbing injury images and brief nudity.) OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Best actress (Watts).

“THE LAST STAND” — There’s a standoff brewing at the border between an escaped drug cartel boss trying to get back to Mexico and a small town sheriff (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Also starring Forest Whitaker and Johnny Knoxville. Directed by Jee-woon Kim. (R for strong bloody violence throughout and strong language.)

“LES MISERABLES” — Victor Hugo’s classic novel, rendered into a hit musical, comes to the screen with Hugh Jackman’s Jean Valjean squaring off against Russell Crowe’s Inspector Javert in 19th century France. Also starring Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Amanda Seyfried and Sacha Baron Cohen. Directed by Tom Hooper. (PG-13 for suggestive and sexual material, violence and thematic elements.) OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Best picture; actor (Jackman); supporting actress (Hathaway); production design; sound mixing; original song (“Suddenly”); costume; makeup and hairstyling.

“LIFE OF PI” (digital and 3-D) — Ang Lee’s latest directorial vision hurtles an Indian zookeeper’s son on an epic life journey after he becomes marooned in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger. Based on Yann Martel’s best-selling novel. Starring Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Adil Hussain and Tabu. (PG for emotional thematic content throughout, and some scary action sequences and peril.) OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Best picture; director (Lee); adapted screenplay (David Magee); production design; cinematography; sound mixing; sound editing; original score; original song (“Pi’s Lullaby”); film editing; visual effects.

“LINCOLN” — Director Steven Spielberg’s film biography reveals a president (Daniel Day-Lewis) in the midst of a crucial few weeks near the end of the Civil War. The script by Tony Kushner is based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s critically acclaimed book, “Team of Rivals.” Also starring Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field, David Strathairn, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and James Spader. (PG-13 for an intense scene of war violence, some images of carnage and brief strong language.) OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Best picture; actor (Day-Lewis); supporting actor (Jones); supporting actress (Field); director (Spielberg); adapted screenplay (Kushner); production design; cinematography; sound mixing; original score; costume; film editing.

“MAMA” — A couple set out to raise his two nieces, who were left alone in the forest for five years in this horror film. Starring Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Megan Charpentier. Directed by Andrés Muschietti. (PG-13 for violence and terror, some disturbing images and thematic elements.)

“PARENTAL GUIDANCE” — Billy Crystal co-wrote and stars in this comedy about a grandpa who resorts to “old school” methods when he’s stuck babysitting the grandkids. Also starring Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei, Tom Everett Scott and Bailee Madison. Directed by Andy Fickman. (PG for some rude humor.)

“RISE OF THE GUARDIANS” — The Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), the Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), Jack Frost (Chris Pine) and others team up to save Santa (Alec Baldwin) from the evil Pitch (Jude Law), a bogeyman who threatens to infiltrate the dreams of children, in this animated comedy. Directed by Peter Ramsey. (PG for thematic elements and some mildly scary action.)

“SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK” — David O. Russell directs this comic drama about a former schoolteacher (Bradley Cooper) who tries to move on with his life after a stint in a mental institution, and a mysterious girl (Jennifer Lawrence) who changes everything. Also starring Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver and Julia Stiles. (R for language and some sexual content/nudity.) OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Best picture; actor (Cooper); actress (Lawrence); supporting actor (De Niro); supporting actress (Weaver); director (Russell); adapted screenplay (Russell); film editing.

“SKYFALL” (digital and 35mm) — Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in the 23rd installment of the franchise. The safety of MI6 headquarters is in danger from a slippery mastermind played by Javier Bardem, and Agent 007 must destroy the threat. Also starring Judi Dench, Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris. Directed by Sam Mendes. (PG-13 for intense violent sequences throughout, some sexuality, language and smoking.) OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Cinematography; sound mixing; sound editing; original score; original song (“Skyfall”).

“WRECK-IT RALPH” (digital) — There’s trouble in the arcade when a longtime video-game villain (voiced by John C. Reilly) who wants to be a hero breaks out and starts sneaking into other video games. Also with the voices of Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch. Directed by Rich Moore. (PG for some rude humor and mild action/violence.) OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Animated feature.

“ZERO DARK THIRTY” — An elite team of intelligence and military operatives working in secret across the globe engage in a tireless manhunt to eliminate the terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden. Starring Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Joel Edgerton, Chris Pratt and Mark Strong. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow. (R for strong violence including brutal disturbing images, and for language.) OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Best picture; actress (Chastain); original screenplay (Mark Boal); sound editing; film editing.

— Compiled by the Yakima Herald-Republic