People keep stopping me on the street and begging for this week’s On magazine.

“It’s not even printed yet,” I tell them.

“But I need it right now!” they say.

So, to keep those wolves at bay for a bit, I’m giving you a little taste right here on the On blog. Here’s what you can expect from Thursday’s edition:

* A cover story on the “Emerging Artist Exhibit” at Allied Arts.

* An Indoorsman column about living through December without heat. Here’s a quote from that: “I’d get home in the evenings, satchel full of tallow and hardtack, and start fixing the night’s fire. Alana, in a bonnet and full-length gingham dress, would help me take off my boots and examine my suit of clothes for new tears she’d have to mend that evening. Brushing the snow from my shoulders and stroking my thick, matted beard, I’d say something like, ‘’Tis good to be home, woman.’ Then we’d have a mug of strong ale, cook a rabbit over the fire and watch something on Netflix Instant.”

* A Dear Crabby column about the best ways to split wood and start fires. Here’s a quote from that: “My basic technique is as follows: Arrange pieces of kindling in a crisscross pattern, twist up some sheets of newspaper and layer those in, throw a firestarter log on top, light it, and then throw all your remaining wood on there, suffocating the whole thing and filling your house with smoke.”

* A sharp review of Maggie Stiefvater’s “The Raven Boys” by Inklings Bookshop staffer Emily Ring.

* A look at the 2012 documentary “That Guy ... Who Was in That Thing” by our movie guy, Ryan Messer.

* A page of 10 Days Out briefs including art, rock ’n’ roll, comedy and theater.

* An On the Menu recommendation for the Golden Bull, a Chinese restaurant in Selah.

And, as always, we’ve got page after page of calendar listings and everything you need to know before heading out on the town this weekend. Pick up a copy of On magazine in Thursday’s Yakima Herald-Republic or in some of the finest retailers and restaurants in Yakima.

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