CENTRALIA, Wash. — A man who hid under an assumed name for eight years before being arrested earlier this year in Mabton has been sentenced to just under two years in prison for a 2004 assault.

Refugio J. Vazquez-Tellez, now 38, pleaded guilty in Lewis County Superior Court to second-degree assault with a special allegation of using a deadly weapon. The pleading came earlier this month as a result of a deal with prosecutors.

He will serve 21 months in prison, which is the higher end of his sentencing range for second-degree assault, according to court documents.

Vazquez-Tellez, dubbed as the “Corona Busted Bottle Attacker” by local police, has been wanted since an altercation in June 2004 at an apartment on the 600 block of South Pearl Street in Centralia, according to Centralia police.

During the fight, Vazquez-Tellez allegedly assaulted the victim with a beer bottle, giving him numerous lacerations on his face, chest, abdomen and back. He then fled prior to law enforcement’s arrival and for eight years was the subject of a search by law enforcement. He was originally charged with first-degree assault.

Vazquez-Tellez was featured on the TV show “Washington’s Most Wanted” in 2010, and was arrested in Mabton in early September.

In Mabton, a town of 2,000, he went by the name Manuel Vazquez, and had a fake Social Security card, driver’s license with a different birthdate, a girlfriend and a 2-year-old daughter.

His arrest was a result of an anonymous tip from someone who heard Vazquez-Tellez “bragging” about the 2004 stabbing and about how he got away with it, according to the Yakima Herald-Republic. The tipster, who also spent time in jail, recognized Vazquez-Tellez from the 2-year-old TV episode.

Information from the Yakima Herald-Republic was included in this report.