20 June

This last week was yet another of daily classes and studying. Oh the life of a student. Although, the end of this week marks the half way point for my time abroad. I have some interesting plans in the works to make a trip up to Burgundy (the region of particular interest to me), so if there are any Pinot Noir and Chardonnay fans out there this will be of particular interest to you. More on that when I have concrete plans. I have mid terms coming up this week so I apologize for the lack of exciting tastings.

As for the wine this week, our class had a wine tasting of Burgundy wines; two Chardonnays and a Pinot Noir. The first Chardonnay was from the producer Vincent Dancer out of Chassagne-Montrachet. It was a 2011, a young wine by vintage and by taste. The acidity was higher but built slowly in the mouth; not too overwhelming but very prominent. It had a lighter body with a little more weight imparted by the oak. Nice and lean but soft and round at the same time. It had notes of citrus, apple, earth and toast as well as a long finish. I felt as if I could taste the vineyard and longed for a patio in the shade with a plate of bread and cheese. Or some nice light fish.

The next Chardonnay was from the producer Domaine Bernard Millot in Mersault. La Goutte is a particularly good vineyard in Mersault (also Burgundy in the Cote de Beaune). I noticed golden delicious apple on the nose as well as pear and some minerality. The palate was surprisingly differed, with more tart apple up front, pear, spice, minerality and some butterscotch. The acidity was quite tart which contributed to the more angular body but was still fuller than the last. It was clearly too structured and needs some more time in the bottle. At least another five to seven years. The acid will calm down and the structure will fade which will contribute to a higher quality.

The Pinot Noir, from producer Sylvie Esmon, came out of the Gevery-Chambertin area. On the nose was red cherry, raspberry, smoke, toast and some gamey characteristics. The acid wasn’t attacking and the tannins were quite high for a Pinot Noir. Flavors of black cherry, boysenberry, cranberry, earth and bakers chocolate were among the most significant. This wine is not quite ready to drink. In another few years this wine will be very enjoyable to drink.