YAKIMA, Wash. — A new Lowe’s is expected to open sometime in the first quarter of next year, a company spokeswoman confirmed to me this morning.

Construction has started for the new store, which is to be located on the northeast corner of Longfibre Road and Valley Mall Boulevard.

The Mooresville, N.C. hardware retailer purchased property for the store in May after completing a long land use process. The retailer filed a land use application with the city in Yakima last August. While city officials approved the application, neighboring Union Gap appealed, taking issue with proposed entry points off Valley Mall Boulevard.

That appeal was denied, but Lowe’s decided to resolve the situation by flipping the planned 111,234-square-foot store to face Longfibre Road so the access would be off that street rather than Valley Mall Boulevard.

Lowe’s has spent several years looking for a new, larger location for its Yakima area store, which is currently at 2500 Rudkin Road in Union Gap, which it acquired when it purchased Eagle Hardware more than a decade ago.