YAKIMA, Wash. — Hunters expecting to head out in the current and upcoming seasons to some of their favorite locations on private timber property had better make sure those lands are open.

A number of private timber outfits have closed their property and roads to all public entry in Yakima, Klickitat and Skamania counties. The original action was taken Aug. 16, at the height of the fire season, but in light of the continuing tinder-dry forests the landowners this week reiterated that those timberlands remain closed.

The landowners:

* Hancock Forest Management

* Stevenson Land Company

* Broughton Lumber Company

* Kreps Ranch, LLC

* Kreps Family, LLC

* Longview Timberlands LLC

* International Forestry Consultants, Inc.

* Western Pacific Timber, LLC.

If you’ve been hunting on lands owned by any of these companies — and it’s always important to know whose land you’re on, right? — you’ll need to find another spot.

In most of the areas owned by these timberland managers, the state Department of Natural Resources has maintained the Industrial Fire Precaution Level at IFPL 3, which is a partial shutdown prohibiting some activities altogether and limiting others to the cooler times of the day and night.

– Scott Sandsberry