YAKIMA, Wash. — Wrapped up another issue of On magazine today, and I think it’s a good one.

What’s in it? Here’s what’s in it:

• A cover story on things to look forward to in the Yakima Valley this spring including Spring Barrel Tasting, the Yakima Farmers Market and wildflower walks through the Cowiche Canyon.

• A feature on San Francisco band Vetiver, which plays The Seasons Performance Hall next week. The more I listen to these guys, the more I like them. Plus main Vetiver guy Andy Cabic is a thoughtful, engaging interview subject.

• A column from arts writer Jessica Moskwa about the appeal of working with clay and the ongoing “From the Ground Up” clay exhibit at the Larson Gallery.

• A restaurant recommendation from staff writer Mike Faulk who ate a burger with a donut for a bun at Sloppy Slaw: “The slider is half the size of their normal half-pound burger patty, but the eye-popping richness of the cheese, grease and sugar together ... make me forget how to complete sentences.”

• A nostalgic essay by movie man Ryan Messer on the joys of Bill Murray’s “Meatballs.”

• A Dear Crabby column in which I try to help a daughter get her 69-year-old father back in the dating game.

• An Indoorsman column in which I explain how I ended up in jail one night when I was 20: “So, full of whiskey bravado, I say to this guy whom I’ve never met and against whom I have no ill will, ‘That’s all right, dude. I’ll fight if you want to.’”

• A list of great board books for babies from Inklings Bookshop staffer Lacey Kwak-Simon.

And, as always we’ve got your 10 Days Out briefs and full calendar listings of everything you need to know about what’s going on in Yakima and beyond. Be sure to pick up a copy in Thursday’s Yakima Herald-Republic. Until then, I’ll leave you with this song by The Delfonics, the inspiration for this post’s headline.

- Pat Muir