YAKIMA, Wash. — This is going to be a great weekend for music in Yakima, and you can read all about it in Thursday’s On magazine.

We’ve got a cover story on local band Not Amy and their CD release party set for Saturday at The Seasons Performance Hall. And we’ve got a short feature on the all-star triple bill at the Yakima Sports Center later that same night. That one features Star Anna, Mark Pickerel and Shane Tutmarc.

“But what else?” you ask. Well, we’ve also got this stuff:

• An Indoorsman column about strange food combinations that work really well, like eggs on pizza and Guinness with vanilla ice cream. Here’s a quote from that: “Don’t be surprised if dogs in your neighborhood start to bark and a few birds fall from the sky; you’ve just altered the world’s equilibrium, and stuff like that sometimes happens.”

• A Dear Crabby column in which I dole out some tough love to a mom whose priorities are a bit out of whack. Here’s a quote from that one: “Breakups can be life-altering and can take years to recover from. In general, though, that only goes for the people who were actually, you know, in the relationship.”

• A really nice review of “The Raid” from our new movie guy, Ryan Chang.

• A review of Lauren Drain’s “Banished: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church” by Inklings Bookshop staffer Amy Stoothouse.

• An On the Menu write-up on Tazzah Mediterranean Cuisine, the new drive-through gyro and shawarma joint on Summitview Avenue.

• 10 Days Out briefs on upcoming local happenings in the worlds of film, rock ’n’ roll, opera, visual art and R&B.

And, as always, exhaustive calendar listings of everything you need to know as you plan for the weekend and beyond.