YAKIMA, Wash. — Brad Gothberg, the guitar technician over at Ted Brown Music, got an unexpected thrill today when world-renowned virtuoso Leo Kottke stopped by to have his Taylor guitar fixed up before tonight’s show at The Seasons Performance Hall.

Gothberg, a finger-picking guitarist himself, said Kottke was a nice guy and the two chatted while Gothberg worked on Kottke’s instrument.

“He had some issues; things weren’t quite right,” Gothberg said of Kottke’s guitar. “Nothing broken really. I was able to tighten things up for him and get them right.”

It’s always interesting where the big stars go when they visit Yakima. I remember hearing that Bob Dylan was spotted at the Yakima Valley Museum. And the rumor was that John Mellencamp hung out at The Speakeasy after his show.

And there was also the time I saw Pat Matheny at the Yakima Air Terminal, but that’s a story for another time, friends.

Kottke plays The Seasons tonight at 7:30. There are still a few tickets left at $35. Just call 509-453-1888.