This week’s On magazine will have a cartoon drawing of David Bowie on the cover, so you know it’s going to be good.

That cover goes with a feature on Bowie’s new album. The issue also includes a feature on the new Bon Jovi album and a guide to upcoming releases from a whole bunch of other artists. That’s not all we’ve got for you, though. Here’s the rest:

• An Indoorsman column about past St. Patrick’s Days and the trouble with it falling on a Sunday this year. It includes this description of last St. Patrick’s Day: “I got into a fistfight with a good friend after he threw a cake-pop at my girlfriend. ... There was much singing and dancing and drinking and maybe some crying; I don’t remember all of it.”

• A Dear Crabby column about a guy who’s no-teeth-having co-worker couldn’t possibly be more annoying. I give him some potential strategies and end with this caveat: “But you might get fired.”

• A short piece on guitar virtuoso Leo Kottke, who plays The Seasons Performance Hall on Tuesday.

• Music guy Simon Sizer’s thoughts on one of his favorite bands, Young Fresh Fellows. It’s a typically Sizerian piece and an absolute must-read.

• A really nice review of Jill McCorkle’s new book by Inklings Bookshop guy Adam Jones.

• 10 Days Out briefs on subjects as varied as drag shows, psychobilly concerts and arboretum cleanups.

• An On the Menu recommendation for Lone Star Ranch House out in West Valley, where they’ll fill you up with good American food.

And, as always, we’ll have all of the calendar listings you need to plan for the weekend and beyond. That’s On magazine, available in Thursdays’ Yakima Herald-Republic and at finer retailers and restaurants throughout the Yakima area. Pick one up already.