YAKIMA, Wash. — Never let it be said that the Indoorsman isn’t ready to suffer in the name of satisfying his many readers.

On Magazine lead writer Pat Muir managed to pound out his weekly column despite suffering a post-vacation illness. (We, royally speaking, are writing this preview note for him to allow him to focus on his recovery, so please excuse the lack of Indoorsman-like flair and panache.)

The Indoorsman this week addresses the overuse of “mahalo” — a traditional Hawaiian greeting — on airplane flights returning from the rum-soaked paradise that is Hawaii. As he puts it, “And then you land at SeaTac and the pilot says, ‘Mahalo, for flying with us,’ and you think, ‘Mahalo your own self, you stupid jerk. This is the mainland. You’re just taunting us, now.’”

A Dear Crabby “advice” column also came together. We’re not sure how, but let’s just leave that for another day.

Crabby this time addresses the critical topic of paper clips. Next week, maybe someone will send in a question about the life-saving role of the eraser.

Remember, readers, questions for Crabby can be emailed directly, without delay, to pmuir@yakimaherald.com.

Other stuff in On Magazine this week includes an On The Menu writeup of Jean’s Cottage Inn, the Union Gap steakhouse; a Simon Sizer music column on Camper Van Beethoven; and a sneak peak at the Oscar ballot.

Pick up a copy of the magazine Thursday in your daily edition of the Yakima Herald-Republic, or look for one on the countertop of many fine establishments in the Yakima area.