OLYMPIA, Wash. — Gov. Jay Inslee has a lot of people who want to talk to him, but a group of Yakima Valley Latino farmers were among the first to have an audience with him last week.

About 15 area farmers, all participants in an educational series conducted by the local Center for Latino Farmers, met with Inslee in his office Thursday. The meeting was part of the culmination of the series, according to a news release, and Inslee discussed agriculture policy with them.

Among the topics of discussion was House Bill 1414, which would allow the Department of Ecology to implement the Yakima River Basin water resource management plan. Proponents say the plan, supported by the group of Latino farmers, would ultimately increase water storage and create opportunities for growth in agriculture and other economic development in the area.

Inslee, who was sworn in Jan. 16, is a former Yakima-area legislator and congressman. He supports the Yakima River Basin resource management plan.

The farmers also attended legislative hearings and met with other elected officials throughout the day as part of the course, which includes understanding public policy on agricultural practices.

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