The new year has not brought with it a new basketball season, but things in both the GNAC and NWAACC will heat up considerably.

Central’s men, for example, host Alaska Fairbanks on Thursday night and Alaska Anchorage on Saturday night, with both games scheduled for 7 o’clock. The Wildcats, 1-1 in the GNAC and 7-3 overall, have been idle since Dec. 19.

Yakima Valley’s men and women, meanwhile, will start East Region play at home Saturday against Wenatchee Valley — women tipping off at 2 p.m. and the men following at 4 p.m.

A GNAC mens’ game of particular interest Thursday involves 10-0 Western Washington at 9-1 Seattle Pacific.

GNAC men’s standings, (conference record, season record), week’s schedule: Seattle Pacific (2-0, 9-1); Western Oregon (2-0, 7-3); Western Washington (1-0, 10-0); Alaska Anchorage (1-0, 8-2); Central Washington (1-1, 7-3); Northwest Nazarene (1-1, 7-3); Alaska Fairbanks (1-1, 6-4); Simon Fraser (0-1, 5-4); MSU Billings (0-2, 7-6); Saint Martin’s (0-2, 4-6).

Thursday: Alaska Fairbanks at Central Washington (7 p.m.); Alaska Anchorage at Northwest Nazarene; Western Washington at Seattle Pacific; Simon Fraser at MSU Billings.

Saturday: Alaska Anchorage at Central Washington (7 p.m.); Alaska Fairbanks at Northwest Nazarene; Western Washington at MSU Billings; Western Oregon at Saint Martin’s; Simon Fraser at Seattle Pacific.

GNAC women’s standings (conference record, season record), week’s schedule: Simon Fraser (2-0, 9-1); MSU Billings (2-0, 8-2); Western Washington (2-0, 8-2); Seattle Pacific (2-0, 8-2); Alaska Anchorage (1-0, 7-2); Alaska Fairbanks (0-1, 2-7); Northwest Nazarene (0-2, 8-2); Saint Martin’s (0-2, 7-5); Central Washington (0-2, 5-5); Western Oregon (0-2, 5-7).

Thursday: Western Washington at Alaska Anchorage; Simon Fraser at Alaska Fairbanks; MSU Billings at Saint Martin’s; Seattle Pacific at Western Oregon.

Saturday: Central Washington at Northwest Nazarene; MSU Billings at Western Oregon; Seattle Pacific at Saint Martin’s.

NWACC East Region men’s standings (all teams 0-0 in region): Big Bend (11-3); Yakima Valley (10-4); Spokane (9-4); Treasure Valley (6-5); Blue Mountain (6-6); Walla Walla (6-6); Wenatchee Valley (6-7); Columbia Basin (1-9).

NWAACC East Region women’s standings (all teams 0-0 in region): Walla Walla (11-1); Big Bend (10-4); Wenatchee Valley (9-4); Spokane (7-5); Yakima Valley (7-6); Blue Mountain (5-7); Columbia Basin (4-8); Treasure Valley (1-10).

Saturday: Wenatchee Valley at Yakima Valley (women at 2 p.m., men at 4 p.m.); Walla Walla at Columbia Basin; Treasure Valley at Blue Mountain; Big Bend at Spokane.