YAKIMA, Wash. — This week’s issue is the On magazine of the dead.

Well, it kind of is. It’s got a front page feature about Dia de los Muertos — Day of the Dead — celebrations in Yakima and Tieton.

It’s also got:

• An Indoorsman column about pumpkin carving. ... “Because I am an elegant man of great sophistication, I carved the silhouette of an extended middle finger into my pumpkin and called it done.”

• A Dear Crabby about how to diplomatic reject baby hand-me-downs from well-meaning friends. ... “Politeness is great. But you know what’s better? Using sheets without vomit stains.”

• A Terrible Noise column by our music guy, Simon Sizer, who this week recommends the band Speedy Ortiz. ... “But five hours of experimentalist minimalist opera was not quite the right thing, either, at least not for our purposes here, this week.”

• A short piece on the new Warren Miller Entertainment ski flick at the Capitol Theatre on Thursday.

• An On the Menu recommendation for Royal Buffet.

• An admission from Inklings Bookshop owner Susan Richmond that there are, in fact, books she just doesn’t like.

• A set of 10 Days Out briefs including Blacklite District’s upcoming Speakeasy gig, “Forever Plaid” at the Akin Center Theatre, the Yakima Sports Center’s annual Halloween party and much more.

Plus, as always, we’ve got exhaustive event listings to help you plan for the weekend and beyond. It’s all in On magazine in your Thursday Yakima Herald-Republic.