Sturgeon anglers have less than one and a half more days — the rest of today and then Friday — to catch and keep a sturgeon in the John Day Pool of the Columbia River.

With the harvest guideline of 500 fish expected to be met late this week, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced today that sturgeon retention in the John Day reservoir will close as of 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

Catch-and-release fishing for sturgeon will still be allowed, but any sturgeon caught in the Columbia River and its tributaries from John Day Dam upstream to McNary will have to be released. Downstream between The Dalles and John Day dams, sturgeon retention remains open until harvest deadlines are reached in that stretch.

The spawning sanctuaries from McNary Dam downstream 1.5 miles to the Highway 82 bridge, and from John Day Dam downstream 2.4 miles to the Rufus grain elevator, remain closed to all sturgeon fishing through the end of July.