OLYMPIA, Wash. — A bill by a Yakima area representative that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes or vaporized nicotine products to minors is on the fast track to legislative approval.

House Bill 1937, proposed by Rep. Charles Ross, R-Naches, reflects a nationwide effort among state legislatures to ban the sale of such products to individuals younger than 18. Such battery operated cigarettes do not contain tobacco, the sale of which to minors is already banned, but the vaporized liquid does contain nicotine.

The bill was approved in the House by a vote of 96 to 0 on March 5. The bill passed out of the Senate Law & Justice Committee Friday and on Monday was passed to the Rules Committee for placement on the Senate floor calendar.

The bill would make it a gross misdemeanor to sell or provide such vapor products to someone younger than 18, mirroring current laws on the sale or transfer of tobacco-related products to minors.

If approved, the bill would go into effect 90 days after the session in which it was passed. The 2013 legislative session is scheduled to end April 28.

For more information on the bill, visit here .

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