Happy Tuesday! I hope you all have air conditioning. Heat stroke is no joke.

First, a side note, unrelated to health care: To all you people out there too hurried (or too ... something) to do a proper Google search, pleeeease stop calling me to ask where Union Gap’s new pot store is. I promise you can find it for yourselves online. If you Google “Station 420,” in fact, the fifth hit says right in the title, “located at 4007 Main Street in Union Gap.” So there.

Now, onto some truly gruesome health news. Various sources have reported that a young woman lost sight in one eye because an amoeba ATE HER EYEBALL after she went six months without changing her contacts. You can bet that as soon as I got home yesterday after reading that, I switched to a new pair of lenses. Yeesh. Clean your contacts and change them when you’re supposed to!

Next, some soccer-related news from Forbes. I didn’t get to watch all of the World Cup final on Sunday (since it’s the first day of my work week), but those of you that did may have seen German player Christoph Kramer’s wince-inducing collision with the shoulder of an Argentine opponent. Apparently, he got a concussion — and then officials let him play for another 15 minutes. Now he says he doesn’t recall the first half of the game at all. There’s been a lot of coverage in the past couple years about concussions and the dangers of getting back in the game before the brain has had time to fully recover; I think American football is No. 1 for concussions, followed by girls soccer. It’s unfortunate that even at the highest level of soccer, officials don’t adequately prioritize the health of their players’ brains.

And finally, we have a case of the plague. No, really: Bloomberg reports that a man near Denver is infected with the “deadliest, rarest form of plague,” which can conveniently spread through coughing and sneezing. Yikes. Stay away from dead rats.

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