Hello, dear readers. I’m working on a health story for next Monday about massage therapy gaining traction as a medical/clinical practice, and particularly how it affects people with chronic back problems.

A lot of jobs in the Valley come with repeated strain on people’s backs, whether it’s agricultural or warehouse work that’s physically demanding, or office jobs where you sit on your butt all day staring at a computer screen and feeling every muscle tighten up the longer you stay in one position.

Do any of you work in an office or a job where your employer has options for more ergonomic work situations? Anyone have standing desks — or better yet, treadmill desks — or other strategies for combating back problems? What are your tricks for staying loose? Do you take time to stretch during the day, or go for a walk around the block?

I’d love to hear from you, so write back in the comment section below or email me directly. And look out for my Marketplace article on Monday, Feb. 17.

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