Happy snowy Tuesday, fellow health readers. Hope none of you have gotten stuck in your driveways or slipped on the ice so far this week.

Have you been watching the Olympics? Have you been wincing in sympathy every time Bob Costas comes on the air? Well, today the New York Times is reporting that Costas will be taking a night off, after his very public case of pinkeye spread to both eyes and he woke up with them crusted shut. Yeeeeeesh. Also for your edification, here’s a CDC page on how to take care of pinkeye and keep it from spreading. And if you’re the tweeting sort, check out #BobCostasPinkeye for more people joking at his expense.

Next up, also the New York Times: The Obama administration has once again delayed the employer mandate piece of health reform. Because why do next year what you can put off until after the midterm elections? The administration had already delayed the employer mandate to 2015, but now it says businesses with 50-99 employees won’t have to comply with providing insurance for them until 2016. For larger employers (100+ employees) the mandate will take effect “gradually” from 2015 to 2016.

And finally, a really interesting piece from Kaiser Health News about how pharmacists are increasingly taking on more clinical duties with patients. I think pharmacists don’t get enough credit. In this story, a woman helps a patient figure out that her doctor had prescribed her two medications that had dangerous interactions, and got her off them. Officials are also hoping this new model of care will help save money and shift some of the burden off overworked physicians, especially with increasing patient loads. Worth a read. Do any of you have a particularly knowledgeable pharmacist that you always go to?

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