Another dismal, gray Tuesday is upon us. Maybe some new health knowledge will help boost your mood! (Or maybe you’re extra tough and not at all affected by the depressing weather. Lucky you.)


First, some behavioral science: An AP story says psychologists are a little worried that toddlers who are now growing up with smartphones in hand, snapping selfies (a photo of yourself, for the non-Instagrammers among you) willy-nilly will grow up to have no patience for gratification. A cognitive developmental psychology professor says parents should keep up a conversation with their kids about the photos, and maybe not let them immediately see every one of thousands of photos of themselves.


Reuters has a story on a new study showing that many vitamins and supplements actually have several times the recommended daily amount of several common vitamins. There have been a few stories I’ve seen in the last year questioning whether you can go overboard on vitamins; there’s not much data yet on harmful side effects, but it might be worth checking the label before you give your kid nine times the recommended dose of Vitamin C.

And finally, the New York Times has a cool story on memory in older adults, and a new possible explanation for why it seems to decline with age. Maybe older adults’ memory isn’t getting worse; just fuller, making it harder to recall certain things. Nothing definitive yet, but sounds like an interesting study.


Ohp, one more, just for fun: The CDC has a Pinterest board of infographics and illustrations of drug-resistant bacteria. I can’t be the only one who enjoys looking at germs. If you want to go deeper, follow the picture links to the CDC site for a lengthy discussion of antibiotic-resistant infections in the U.S.

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