So you might have seen my story on Tuesday about the Yakima doctor accused of raping his patient. If you haven’t yet, read it here. (Note: He’s only been charged so far, not tried or convicted.)

After that story ran, I got an email from a woman who runs a nonprofit called Medical Patient Modesty, which aims to inform both patients and doctors about how to ensure better patient modesty and safety. She also has a website called Sexual Misconduct by Doctors, which offers women tips for how to prevent sexual abuse by their doctors.

Some of them may be a little extreme, like the author saying that women should never go to a male gynecologist, which I think condemns a lot of perfectly professional doctors out there. (Still, you should feel totally within your rights to ask for female doctors and technicians if that’s most comfortable for you.)

But some of the tips are valuable, like reminding women that they don’t have to consent to pelvic exams if they feel uncomfortable or if the exam seems unrelated to the reason for their doctor visit.

Check out the tips page here and see if you find any helpful information.

Several people in the medical profession have told me that typically, doctors are supposed to ask a patient if she wants an attendant or another nurse to be in the room during a procedure like a pelvic exam. And some clinics just automatically have an attendant in the room with the doctor.

Does anyone have stories or tips of how to avoid abuse by medical professionals? Let me know in the comments, or email me directly.