The Fourth Congressional District Democrats announced their official list of delegates to represent the district at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., in September.

On Monday, Democrats proudly declared their list of delegates “might be the most diverse, racially and ethnically, of any delegation from anywhere else in the country.” We’re not sure if they checked that against the more than 400 other delegations going to the convention, but the group’s diversity shouldn’t be understated either.

Here’s the list of delegates:

Ken Caylor, Othello

Lorrie DeKay, White Salmon

Jeremie Dufault, Yakima

George Fearing, Richland

Jon Ferguson, Ellensburg

Karen Kelerman, East Wenatchee

Elizabeth Mendoza, Yakima

Rosalinda Mendoza, Yakima

Dennis Montes, Nespelem

Teri Staudinger, Pasco

Mary Stephenson, Yakima

Brad Taylor, Prosser

Matt Tomaskin, Parker

C’Ann Kariones, of the Colville Nation, and Juan Orozco, of Yakima, have been named as alternate delegates.

-- Mike Faulk