Marijuana grows and somebody has to harvest it, so today’s blog topic is indeed agricultural … ish.

I spent a good chunk of last week and early this week covering the opening day of legal pot sales in Washington. Since then, I have been getting calls from all over the state asking me what time I open, what strains I have, my address, etc. The same thing happened to one of my colleagues, Molly Rosbach.

I staffed Tuesday morning’s opening of Altitude in Prosser. She covered Wednesday’s first day of sales at Station 420 in Union Gap. Both stores are among the first 24 in the state to receive the coveted retail license from the Liquor Control Board.

To all of those callers: “I do not sell marijuana and, as far as I know, neither does Molly. Our names and phone numbers appear at the bottom of EVERY story we write for the newspaper. You must be confusing that information with the phone number for the stores. To reach Altitude, call 509-786-4200. For Station 420, try 509-420-3430.”

(See what they did there? Both numbers include “420.”)

Of course, I’m tempted to blame this all on stoners smoking their illegal product while dialing my number to find a legal source. That’s the obvious joke, right?

But to be fair, this mistake happens every now and again to other readers, too. I get phone calls asking about how to purchase cherries or to apply for agricultural work. Molly, who covers our communities’ health and social services issues, said she has received phone calls about making medical appointments.

So, we all need to read a little more carefully.