You might be in line now, reading this on your smartphone, waiting for the midnight show of “Breaking Dawn — Part II.” I realize that people love this series and the books they are based on. Me, I’m glad it’s over. Can we move on? Now that both the “Twilight” and “Harry Potter” film franchise have come to end, I guess that leaves “The Hunger Games” as the big franchise. I’m OK with that.

As for last week’s movies, “Skyfall” made $88 million at the box office. “Lincoln” had a limited first-week release but should be in more theaters this week. Let’s take a look at what else will be out Friday.

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part II”

I realize this movie is going to make a ton of money. I also realize that it is my duty as a pop culture analyst to discuss this film and its predecessors. Maybe it would be best for me to reserve judgment. After all, there are a lot of bad movies (“The Lost Boys” comes to mind since we’re talking about vampire movies) that I love and other people think are junk. So, if you love “Twilight,” go ahead and love it with all your heart. Just don’t make me watch it.

“Anna Karenina”

Hey! A movie based on an actual piece of classic literature (which hasn’t been read by as many people as have read the “Twilight” series). This adaptation of the Leo Tolstoy novel gives Keira Knightley another try at usurping Helena Bonham-Carter as the queen of the corset drama. Director Joe Wright previously guided her through a mildly successful version of “Pride & Prejudice” and the wonderful “Atonement.” Screenwriter Tom Stoppard (“Empire of the Sun,” “Shakespeare in Love”) wrote the adaptation. This is another one of those “limited release” films, so it may not be in a theater near you this week but should be soon.

“Silver Linings Playbook”

The last movie director David O. Russell released was “The Fighter” which won a couple Oscar statues. His latest offering is more of a comedy-drama, you know, one of those serious movies that happens to have a lot of funny moments. Bradley Cooper (“The A-Team”) is a man trying to reconcile with his ex-wife but meets Jennifer Lawrence (“The Hunger Games”) in the meantime. Cooper and Russell have won a few film festival awards with this flick already and its being positioned for a good run. Expect it to be in the Golden Globes Comedy or Musical category so that real dramas can take that other award (too bad the upcoming “Les Miserables” will also be in the comedy or musical category. We’ll talk more about that movie later in the year.) This will also have a limited weekend release before widening before the holiday weekend.

T.J.’s Pick of the Week: “Argo”

Is that cheating? Sorry. The Ben Affleck-directed film came out the week before this blog went live, so I didn’t have a chance to preview it. But considering that the only real new release this week is that darn “Twilight” movie, I thought it would be fine to go back to something you may have missed.

“Argo” is about a group of CIA and Canadian operatives trying to rescue hostages from Iran in 1980 disguised as a Canadian film crew. I’m hearing great things about Affleck’s directing. He seems to have taken to life behind the camera as his two previous efforts (“Gone, Baby, Gone,” and “The Town”) showed his steady improvement. Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and Alan Arkin join Affleck in front of the camera.

For show times and tickets, as always, head to the Yakima Theatres website. Note: midnight showings to “Twilight” are already sold out. So are some of the shows for the weekend.

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