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The Yakima 4th of July Celebration featured "Yakima AppleJam - Battle of the Bands Live!", water slides, a parade, carnival rides and a beer garden. The event was held at State Fair Park on the 4th of July. (CONTRIBUTED / Leann Jones)


The following bands will perform live on stage at Yakima's 4th of July Celebration at State Fair Park on July 4th beginning at 4:30 p.m.

The Angela Soffe Band is Yakima's premier Americana roots band featuring folk tunes and Angela's original music. Their unique sound is a blend of Americana, folk, with a hint of bluegrass.

Cobrahawk is a band based out of Ellensburg WA, with a wide range of sound from pop-punk to hard rock. The band formed in 2013 as a cover band, and over the years transitioned into writing and performing originals. 

We are singer-songwriters who perform originals and covers. Our main instruments are the guitar, ukulele and cajon.  We started playing at Yakima Farmers Market last July and have been performing as much as we can ever since.

We play rock and country and all songs are danceable! We are all experienced veterans in the local music scene and we are available for clubs and events.

3 adventurers from a far away land stumble across an ancient ruin. They delve deep inside until they come upon an ancient chest underneath what appears to be the statue of an enormous turkey. Inside the chest they find a strangely shaped bone as tall as any one of them. As they start to try to carefully remove the object from the chest, the eyes of the turkey glow red. It suddenly reaches out and grabs the other side of the artifact and begins to pull. Not wanting to lose their prize, they begin to pull back and fight for it. There is a resounding CRACK as it shatters in the middle. The ancient turkey statue starts rumbling from deep within and then it turns into what can only be described as maniacal gobble laughter as they realize they ended up with: The Short Side of the Wishbone!!

Tempest is a Yakima band consisting of Travis (13) on guitar, Josh (15) on Bass, and Nate (13) on drums. They have been together for about 4 months and play around town as much as possible.

The following soloists will perform live on stage at Yakima's 4th of July Celebration at State Fair Park on July 4th beginning at 12:45 p.m.

I'm twelve years old and I won the Naches Sportsmen's Day lip synch competition. I also sang the National Anthem at Sunnyside's Fourth of July celebration. I'm a much better live performer than I am on video, because I don't have the money for the equipment, which is why I'm entering.

Solo performer from Naches, WA. With a band on the way and northwest tours in the future, modern twist of acoustic groove and southern blues.

Legz is a Singer/Song Writter/Audio Engineer .

Singing is my passion, it's where I find joy. I was born and raised right here in decently sized Yakima. I love how music has the ability to show so many emotions and I hope you enjoy my video.

Jessa is a student at Eisenhower High School and most recently performed at the Ike Follies.

Nathun Finkhouse is a singer/songwriter who lives in Ellensburg. He has played professionally and written original songs for ten years in the the Pacific Northwest.